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  • Medical Device Tray

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Thermoform Packaging

Design, Development, and Production of CustomThermoformed Packages.
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Healthcare Medical Device

We Specialize in Quality Custom Themoforming for the Healthcare and Medical Device Industries.

Package Design

Method is well known in the industry as a leader in packaging design. Let us take your product or idea and produce a package for you.


Tooling & Prototyping

Using the Latest CAD Software we can produce samples quickly and provide you with finished tooling to meet your delivery requirements. We also have 3D printing capabilities.

Thin & Heavy Guage

Our service covers thin gauge and heavy gauge on custom thermoforming equipment. We have trim in-place or trim in-line capability. Forming dimensions from 6 in. X 6 in. up to 4 ft. X 6 ft.



Specializing in forming coated films, Aclar coated films using PETG and PVC base and PVDC

About Us

Method Associates Since 1964, our success in combining the dedication of skilled craftsmen with the very latest in computer and manufacturing technologies has helped us become an industry leader in Thermoformed Packaging. Our physical location is in Keyport, New Jersey.


At Method our service covers thin gauge and heavy gauge on custom thermoforming equipment. We have trim in-place or trim in-line capability. With over 30 years experience, our expertise covers the whole spectrum in packaging.


We custom form a wide variety of material including ABS, HIPS, PVC, PETG, HDPP and Valox as well as AC/PETG and AC/PVC.


If you can describe your wants, we will translate them into a finished part. We custom produce a wide variety of Blisters and Trays that spans the entire packaging industry. All products formed in production are to GMP and SPC standards and come with full documentation when required

Why Choose Us

We know how important timeliness and quality is to you and your customers, our priority is to complete your order when we promise you it will be completed while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Method is in the packaging business to produce a product that meets or exceeds your own Quality & Service.

Malcolm Will- Owner Method Associates


2017-02-14 - New Expansions

Method Associates is in the process of expanding the capacity of its facility to meet the growing demands of its customers. Our new expansions include:

CNC Router Capabilities

Thanks to a recent acquisition, Method Associates can now perform CNC duties in-house. If you need cutting or milling as part of the manufacturing process, you can leverage our CNC routing capabilities on our new 6 ft X 14 ft routing table.

2 new clean rooms

To meet growing demand, a new clean room have been added to our facility and another one is expected to be installed later this year.

Additional SQ Footage

We are adding an additional 10,000 square feet adjoining to our current facility. With this addition, our facility will be a total of 30,000 square feet.


Industries We Serve!

Although we specialize in healthcare and medical device packaging we do serve many industries.

Our Clients

Our clients include the some of the largest healthcare and medical device companies in the world. We are proud to work with the following companies.

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